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Morocco Adventure Loop '2023

Dates:         Nov 01 - Nov 12 2023      A memorable motorcycle riding experience
Duration:        12 days / 12 nights       _____________________________

Mapa Marroc 2023 foto.png

The “Morocco Adventure Loop '2023” is a journey tailor-made to get the most out of ourselves and our motorcycles first-class capabilities and performance.

Its varied itinerary will allow you to discover the many surprising delights of this magical country: deserted beaches, snow-capped peaks, blooming valleys, twisty canyons, narrow gorges and oasis; forests of cedars and infinite date palm groves; hidden waterfalls, sand dunes and mountains of burnt rock. Storytellers and acrobats in Marrakech, craftsmen, sellers and swindlers. Furtive glances and sincere smiles. Fishermen, nomads and shepherds. Ancestral flavors and magical aromas, spicy colours, clear blue skies and nights of a million stars. All its thousand-year-old history and age-old customs to be discovered...

Experience the magic of a hospitable country, awaken your senses, share the surprises that each stage has in store …

Do you like motorcycling? Come and enjoy exploring Morocco with us, this tour will be a memorable motorcycle riding experience!!

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Carrer Robrenyo 68 

08014 - Barcelona (Catalonia/Spain)

Tel. (+34) 609 051 361


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